What are groundups?


A groundup is a group of individuals who voluntarily come together to carry out a self-organised project or initiative to benefit the community. Groundups are not-for-profit and are not registered organisations.

Simply put, groundups are the everyday heroes in our communities. They are nimble and quick to react to changing landscapes, allowing them to effectively serve the needs of the community on the ground. They galvanise community assets, bringing together members and resources of the community to solve social problems.

What is Groundup Central?


Groundup Central began in 2016 as an idea to immerse ourselves and value-add to the vibrant groundup scene in Singapore. We empower groundups to live their mission by meeting their needs in a way that also meets real societal needs.

Here at Groundup Central, we are always on the lookout for ways to help our groundups – both new and mature ones – to learn and grow. Not only do we support groundups by providing them with platforms to help spread the good word about their good work, we also offer and direct them to various resources such as funding, spaces, productivity tools and development opportunities.

Groundups can create meaningful and impactful work when they band together to do good. That’s why at Groundup Central, we also provide avenues for groundups to meet like-minded peers to bounce off ideas with one another. In fact, Groundup Central has since grown into a big family of many groundups.


Start your groundup journey with us today and together we can build a City of Good!



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