As your groundup grows, you often find yourself in uncharted territory. Check out our network of partners who can help light the way ahead for your initiative!


National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Just starting out on your groundup journey and need someone to bounce ideas with? Or have you been running your initiative for a whole now and would like a friendly face to talk to about your groundup's needs? Reach out and have a chat with us!


Centre for Non-Profit Leadership

Thinking of registering your groundup but not sure how to take the next step forward? Join us at our "What's Next, GU?" Registration Consult seek advice from our colleagues at Centre for Non-Profit Leadership! Learn about the different Non-Profit entity types and the processes of applying and registering as a Charity, CLG or Society etc.


Conjunct Consulting

Thinking about pivoting your initiative or find yourself wondering what direction to take next? Tap on brilliant strategic minds through Conjunct Consulting's pool of highly-skilled volunteer advisors to realise the full potential of your groundup! Be assigned a dedicated advisor and get valuable advice over four sessions as you dream up the possibilities together.

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